Open Communication

We Listen And Advise  

Provident Energy believes in our approach of establishing and maintaining open communication between team members and clients. As energy consultants, we work hard to do the research and provide all the information you need but we let you make the informed decisions. We suggest and recommend but never attempt to dictate.

We believe in listening to our clients and learning about their business, past energy use, budget concerns, and energy goals before presenting a plan for better energy use and procurement.

We're Responsive

We believe in always being available to answer questions and help our clients in any way we can. Our team members work hard to listen and respond to all of your questions and concerns in a timely manner.

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Trusted Professionals

We feel that trust is important, both with our clients and the energy suppliers with whom we negotiate.  We’ve been in this space for a while and people know us.  Our kids go to school with your kids, and we want the best for everyone. Our approach of 25 plus years of honesty and integrity shines through in every project we do.


The fees for our services are fully disclosed so there are no secret costs or surprises. We negotiate solely on your behalf and force competition amongst a large group of suppliers to drive down your energy spend.

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Flexibility Meets Expectations

Each of our clients have different energy needs, unique budget considerations, and diverse sustainability goals. Our approach is to embrace flexibility and creative thinking to meet your particular goals with the most effective improvements and energy delivery at reasonable long-term rates. Energy variables are immense, and flexibility helps us fulfill your precise needs and aspirations.

We're the Good Guys

Finding the right energy consultant can be challenging for any organization. With so many choices for energy advisors, it’s important to find a company worthy of your trust.

Ask any of our clients and you’ll see.  We hold ourselves to a high standard for honesty and trustworthiness, and we pride ourselves in being forthcoming and open in all our dealings. For over 25 years, Provident Energy has worked hard to build a reputation for providing well-researched advice and proven results. We strive to maintain that well-earned reputation.