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Customized Energy Strategy

Our customized energy strategy and advisory service is great for those that want all the analysis and planning without us doing the actual implementation.

We can help you find the best strategy for your energy needs through changing your energy providers, upgrading your facilities to reduce usage, or both.  We do all the analysis and calculations using our advanced energy and financial models so you can see how each recommendation would affect your bottom line.

Every client is different and we pride ourselves in creating a game plan that is customized to your wants and needs.  Give us a call and we’ll help you decide what works best for you.

Deep Expertise

Our team has backgrounds in business management, finance, engineering, and operations as well as experience in business planning for schools, government agencies, public institutions and a variety of businesses.  As such, our professionals are uniquely positioned to understand your organization and advise in the area of energy use and supply.

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How it works

Our Process

Our approach starts with listening to your wants & needs.  We’ll have a look at your current energy usage and costs, and determine where there is room for improvement based on current norms.  Guided by your goals we dive deep, looking at your facilities, equipment, utility costs and where your power is currently being produced.  Armed with complex models and knowledge of the energy landscape, we arrive at recommendations with forecasts for each separate item.

Energy Efficiency Analysis

In analyzing your facility, we can identify potential upgrades that can reduce your energy usage.  From building automation to better insulation to HVAC upgrades and beyond, we’ll outline the cost of each improvement along with your forecasted savings, giving you an ROI you can rely on.  We can even show various financing options to reduce your capital outlay.

Budgeting for Success

Our experience in the energy market allows us to reliably forecast your energy costs, allowing you to budget with better peace of mind.  From changing energy providers to accounting for efficiency upgrades, we’ve got you covered.  Our tried and true energy efficiency analysis, financial and economic modeling will ensure that you know what’s coming.

Determining the Best Strategy for You

Each client is different and we’re committed to arriving at the strategy that works best for your particular situation.  We listen and pay special attention to your goals.  We can cover a variety of solutions, whether you wish to explore solar power contracts, solar sizing, contracts with other power producers, or want to work on your facilities’ efficiency.  We’ve got you covered and have the know-how to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.


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