Energy Experts For Your Organization

Through years of experience we have become experts in a variety of markets, each with their unique organizational and managerial dynamics and different energy requirements.

We understand each market’s benchmark energy use and common potential areas for improvement.  From older school buildings to modern office buildings, we have knowledge of what is possible. And we understand each market’s different motivations, from corporate clean energy initiatives to a municipalities concerns for budget stability.

We’re here for you, and we get it.

Office Building

Commercial Enterprises

Provident can help businesses with their particular energy needs.  From improving energy efficiency to giving you more buying leverage, to fulfilling requirements for specific energy mixes, we’ve got you covered.  We help you make sound energy decisions to meet your public relations and profitability goals.

County & Municipal Governments

Governments answer to voters, and we know your budgeting is complex. We analyze your facilities’ energy use and find opportunities for improvements, with line-by-line item cost/benefit analyses. Our forecasting models deliver proven results so you’ll know your energy costs, making budgeting predictable.

School Area
K12 School Building

K-12 Education

As one of the main markets we’ve helped K-12 schools, including many with older buildings, with energy sourcing and management for over 25 years. A typical plan involves analyzing energy consumption history and evaluating existing facility and equipment conditions, with a consideration for budget and renewable energy goals. Finally, we implement infrastructure improvement projects and deliver guaranteed savings.

Customized Solutions

We’re here to deliver plans specifically tailored to your K-12 school, government facilities, or commercial property.  We understand that every situation is different and we listen to your specific needs and wants.

By listening to you and applying our expertise and experience, we deliver the customized solutions you require.  Our professionals are at the ready to help you reach your goals.  Give us a ring and we’ll be happy to sit down and get you on your way to a better energy future.

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