Commercial Building

Identifying Cost Reduction Opportunities

Improving energy efficiency starts with analyzing your current usage and evaluating the facility and equipment.

Provident team members review your energy history and establish appropriate benchmarks. We discover building occupation patterns and look for opportunities to reduce energy use with upgrades and improvements. We present project ideas from installing LED lights to replacing inefficient HVAC equipment and we devise innovative financing plans.

Turnkey Installation of Proposed Improvements

Once our team identifies opportunities for improvements, we provide reports showing estimates of project costs versus potential future savings. We negotiate with contractors on your behalf to get the best deal and continue to oversee the project implementation. In addition, we install a measurement & verification program to ensure savings goals are met.  Done and done.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Helping Reduce Energy Demand

Facility and Equipment Upgrades

After our initial evaluation, our team might recommend installing LED lighting, efficient HVAC systems, new doors, windows, and other upgrades. For each new installation, we’ll compare the upgrade’s cost to future savings the upgrade will bring, giving you the information you need to choose the best path forward.

Upgrade With Little Cash Outflow

It’s possible to upgrade energy wasters with little to no cash outflow. You can pay for projects through reduction in utility bills and structure financing to pay for the remainder. Our team of professionals are experts in finding the best financing solutions to meet your energy efficiency needs.

Save with Building Automation

With smart technology, you can save money simply by programing lights and thermostats to adjust when not needed.  Match HVAC needs to your occupancy schedules or add motion sensors to ensure that you’re not lighting or heating empty rooms.

Some improvements we may recommend:

  • More efficient HVAC Systems
  • Install building automation systems
    • Utilize dimmers, motion sensors, or occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting when not in use.
    • Install programmable thermostats to adjust for the amount of heat or air-conditioning being used at certain hours of the day.
    • Match heating, ventilation, and air conditioning schedules to occupancy schedules.
  • Replace incandescent lights with LEDs
  • Check furnace ducts for disconnects or leaks and ensure ductwork is well insulated
  • Install energy and water efficient products
  • Minimize use of outside air for process ventilation
  • Minimize use of gas-fired refrigeration equipment
  • Install more efficient windows and doors

Proven Success

Over the past 25+ years, we have refined our process with dependable results. From initial consultation and evaluation to project implementation, we have one goal:  reducing your energy usage.

Our team of professionals uses comprehensive models that cover both energy consumption as well as finance and economics to create a predictable budget for you and your organization.  Save the planet while saving money.  Let’s do this.

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