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At Provident, our experienced consultants leverage understanding of the ever-changing energy industry to help you meet your energy goals. Our extensive backgrounds include business management, finance, engineering, and operations as well as comprehensive experience in energy efficiency analysis, financial and economic modeling, and business planning.

Depending on your needs, we can forecast business energy use and create budgeting strategies, improve energy efficiency, and help you buy from reliable energy suppliers at better rates.

By evaluating your energy use, we can find improvement opportunities and recommend energy-saving projects with guaranteed results. We leverage our client group’s buying power through purchasing aggregations that drive increased competition from energy suppliers. And with our knowledge of the power producer landscape, we can find the best power suppliers to meet your needs.

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Improving Efficiency

Better efficiency means lower energy costs.  We start by quantifying your current energy use while evaluating your equipment and facilities, looking for opportunities for improvements.  Then we present you with a cost/benefit analysis for each upgrade, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.  And finally we make these improvements happen via multiple implementation vehicles such as, PA Guaranteed Energy Savings Act, Design-Bid-Build, and/or In-House Work.

Best of all, our extensive energy models ensure there is no guesswork, ensuring guaranteed results.

Smarter Energy Procurement

Using your goals as a guide, we help you choose the right mix of energy generation methods to include in your purchasing portfolio.  From wind and solar to natural gas and everything in between, we present the pros and cons of each type of energy in order to help you meet your wants and needs.

Then we make it happen, from negotiating with power producers to contract execution and beyond.  And with aggregate buyer blocks we pool your purchases with other buyers to leverage cost savings for everyone.

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Strategic Energy Plans

Perhaps you want our experienced professionals to do the analyses to see what is possible without us actually implementing the efficiency or power procurement plan for you.  No problem.  Lean on our extensive knowledge of the energy landscape and make it happen yourself.  We’re always happy to help.

Using our extensive energy use models we can present cost/benefit analyses for various upgrades in your facility that can reduce power usage.  And with our considerable knowledge of the power production landscape along with buyer pooling, we can present various options to meet your energy goals, from sustainability to cost stability and cost reduction.

We’re here for you.

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    Extensive Experience

    While we work with many different clients, Provident has developed extensive expertise in three specific markets for more than 25 years: commercial enterprises, government branches and agencies, and K-12 traditional public, charter, and private schools.

    We’re familiar with the unique organizational and managerial dynamics and different energy requirements that each market presents.   We get it.  And we’re here for you, offering the best advice for your needs and goals.