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Achieve Your Energy Goals

County and municipal governments strive to reduce energy use, negotiate the best rates, and often buy renewable energy. We’re here to help.

Provident has worked successfully with local government for decades to achieve all three goals. We help reduce energy usage with upgrades and improvements paid for by future savings and provide buying leverage for both traditional and renewable sources.

Lock in Great Rates

Predicting energy costs and meeting your budgets can be difficult as energy rates constantly fluctuate. By combining multiple clients into larger aggregations, we can leverage that buying power to negotiate the best rates from each supplier. Working from that position of strength, we can also secure longer contract terms, ensuring no surprises in future years.

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What We Do & How it Works

Reducing Energy Use and Cost

We can manage your energy use with a couple of different options.  We can reduce your usage by identifying inefficiencies and offering solid solutions.  We can also source your power from producers that meet your goals, whether that be sustainability or more stable, lower costs.  We can also evaluate on-site solar installations. Whatever direction you choose, we include line item cost/benefit analyses and forecasts so you can make an informed decision.

Finding Cost Reduction Opportunities

After analyzing your current usage, facilities, and equipment efficiency, we present you with potential project ideas to reduce your electricity usage and save you money.

Smarter Energy Procurement

Using our extensive knowledge of the energy industry, we help you leverage buying power to negotiate the best contracts using reputable and reliable energy suppliers.

Boost Your Negotiating Power

Using our expert energy industry knowledge, we help you get the best rates and term commitments from electricity producers. We use aggregations to negotiate for all of our clients, increasing purchasing power and reducing costs for everyone.

Rely on our expertise to help achieve your energy goals. Give us a call today and let’s see what we can do for you.

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