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Energy Experts in K-12 Education

We’ve been helping K-12 schools with energy sourcing and management for over 25 years.  Our proven record can help you reduce energy consumption, choose appropriate energy suppliers, and help reduce and stabilize your energy rates.

With efficiency upgrades paid for with future savings we can help you reduce your energy usage.  And using our expert knowledge of the energy industry we can help you buy power from the most suitable energy producers, whether your goals are sustainability or lower, more consistent utility rates.

Helping schools thrive

School budgets are never large enough, and improving energy efficiency and buying smarter means more money for your students and staff.  That’s where we come in.

We’ve guided many private, charter, and public schools to a better energy future by implementing upgrades to lighting, heating, cooling, and other equipment with both limited and substantial capital outlays.

We also have extensive knowledge of the energy landscape and can help you find the energy producers that meet your goals.  We handle the negotiations and contracts so you can keep your eye on your students, not your utility bills.

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The ABC's of Energy Management

How It All Works

Tackling energy management involves a couple of different methods.  We can look at energy efficient upgrades to your facilities, reducing your electricity usage and saving you money.  Also power deregulation now allows you to choose where you buy your electricity, providing more stable rates and allowing you to choose a more sustainable option if you prefer.

Running More Efficiently

First we have a look at your facilities to find opportunities to reduce your energy usage. With projects such as building automation, HVAC improvements, or improved insulation we can make your schools more energy efficient, saving you money.  We can also structure financing to reduce or eliminate your capital outlay, allowing your future savings to pay for the upgrades.

Smarter Energy Choices

You can now choose where you buy your electricity and how it was generated.  We handle the details from negotiations with producers to cost forecasting, showing you your costs well into the future.  We also add you to our large aggregations, increasing your negotiating leverage, allowing longer contracts with more stable prices and lower rates.

Customized Solutions

Every client is different and we tailor our approach to your particular needs.  Our professional teams listen, ask questions, and ensure that our recommendations meet with your exact requirements.  Whether you need turnkey upgrades, better energy procurement to suit your needs, or a strategy for the future, we can help you achieve your goals.

Give us a call and we can sit down and work out a plan.  Together we can save the planet and brighten our children’s future.


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