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Buy Energy from Suppliers You Choose

Whether you’re all in on renewables or are looking for the cheapest options available, we’re here to help with your energy procurement to ensure you choose what’s right for you.

Our clients can choose to buy energy from a variety of sources including hydro, wind, solar, nuclear and natural gas. Each option has its own pros and cons, and we’ll walk you though each to help create the best mix that fits your particular goals, needs, and budget.

Once you decide, we’ll make it happen by negotiating the necessary contracts and forecasting your energy costs into the future.

Stabilizing Your Rates

Energy rates can fluctuate, sometimes drastically, making budgeting difficult for your organization. We negotiate on your behalf to get a multi-year contract at a good price from each energy supplier. As a result, you’ll know what energy will cost for the future budgeting cycles, no matter what’s happening in the world.

We have the expertise and industry contacts to work with multiple suppliers to meet your goals.  We customize every solution to your needs, and with multi-year contracts along with our energy modeling software, you can feel secure in knowing what your electricity costs will be in future years.

Hydroelectric Dam
Holding Coal

Leveraging Buying Power

While a single organization has little negotiating power with energy companies, larger groups have much more when it comes to energy procurement. Single entities usually pay higher prices and get little protection against future increases. We create a powerful buyer group by combining our clients into a larger purchasing aggregation.

Energy aggregations buy more energy, so we can negotiate on the group’s behalf to purchase the energy you need at lower prices into the future making budgets more predictable for you and your team.  At Provident, our aim is to ensure that you get the best price possible for your energy needs.

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