Life at Provident

Communication, Empowerment, Teamwork

At Provident Energy, we believe in open communication, mutual respect, employee empowerment, and teamwork. We always work collaboratively, encouraging honest communication and an openness to everyone’s thoughts and ideas. By respecting every single person’s contribution to team efforts and encouraging each employee’s growth within the organization, we ensure our company’s success.

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Strength Through Diversity

Provident employs a diverse team of experienced people with high standards, making for a better company.


Work Life Balance

Provident is committed to the well-being of our employees and their families. Encouraging our teammates to meet both their professional and personal goals, we don’t just talk about employee satisfaction, we actively cultivate it.

A Culture of Enthusiasm and Respect

We want everyone to enjoy what they do every day and feel pride in what we accomplish as a team. At Provident, we strive to ensure everyone feels respected and valued for their contributions.

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A place to grow

When we find and hire the best people, we want them to stay long-term, grow as individuals, and help build our company. We encourage individual growth in a position and continued advancement within the company. Our support for development and learning promotes staff longevity which is super important to our company’s success.

Our commitment to our employees

Provident is committed to providing the support, compensation, and growth opportunities our employees deserve. We promise to be open to your ideas and listen to your opinions. We will always endeavor to communicate company goals and policies to everyone and include everyone in celebrations when we accomplish great things.  Contact us today to explore a career with us.

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