Provident Energy Consulting, now a Legence company, has collaborated with Delaware County Intermediate Unit on all major Guaranteed Energy Savings Act projects since 2005. Provident Energy Consulting has participated in these projects as the DCIU’s client representation, guiding the DCIU through the projects and serving as an experienced set of eyes while reviewing contracts and overseeing project management efforts.

For DCIU Education Services Center, Delaware County Technical School (DCTS)-Aston Campus, and DCTS-Folcroft Campus, the 2005 scope included: 

  • At all three facilities, lighting renovation that included florescent fixture upgrades, delamping where possible, and conversion of various service lighting to higher efficiency florescent fixtures
  • Transition from pneumatic automation controls to direct digital controls to provide chilled and hot water reset, outside air controls, damper controls tied to carbon dioxide sensors, air handler controls, and incorporation of setback schedules for all major HVAC components
  • Water conservation measures that included toilet and valve replacements

For DCIU Pennington Elementary School in 2007, the building upgrades included: 

  • Fluorescent lighting upgrades
  • Conversion of building hot water automation system from historic pneumatic controls to direct digital controls
  • Addition of air conditioning equipment and the conversion of the existing heating only two-pipe system to a heating/cooling four pipe system
  • Addition of demand control ventilation capabilities
  • Replacement of air handling equipment to provide cooling

For DCIU Education Services Center renovations in 2018, the scope included: 

  • Building wide, both interior and exterior LED lighting retrofit and removal of fluorescent and incandescent lighting
  • Decreased air infiltration by replacing and adding sealants at penetrations and roof and wall joints. Additionally, weather stripping and sweeps were replaced on exterior doors
  • Replacement of chiller plant with new variable speed pumps and a new air cooler, variable speed chiller
  • Replacement of boiler plant with two condensing natural gas fired boilers and variable speed distribution pumps
  • Replacement of four air handling units and seven packaged units with modern equivalents capable of monitoring and adjusting outside air supply

For the DCTS – Aston Campus Renovations and Additions in 2019, the entire facility received while building HVAC, electrical, and plumbing upgrades. HVAC renovations included boiler and chiller replacements with condensing boilers and variable speed packaged air cooled chillers.

For the DCTS – Folcroft Campus Chiller Replacement project in 2021, a new single air-cooled chiller was installed to replace 2 water-cooled chillers, and the cooling tower was removed.

For the Marple Education Service Center Chiller Replacement in 2022, the existing three water cooled chillers and associated pumps were removed and replaced with one air cooled scroll compressor and chiller. The existing piping was reconfigured to accommodate the new system.