Provident Energy Consulting, now a Legence company, has collaborated with Rose Tree Media School District on two Guaranteed Energy Savings Act Projects since 2012. Provident Energy Consulting has participated in these projects as the school district’s client representation, guiding staff members through the projects and serving as an experienced set of eyes when staff reviewed contracts and oversaw project management efforts.

The Phase 1 project scope included:

  • 2 dual fuel hot water boilers replaced at Penncrest HS and 2 natural gas-fired hot water boiler replaced at the Maintenance Building
  • Steam to hot water heat exchangers replaced by two natural gas-fired boilers to operate as hot water boilders
  • Chiller replacement done at Penncrest HS
  • 64-unit ventilators installed at Penncrest HS
  • Addition of cooling to large group areas: 1 rooftop unit replaced at Indian Lane ES, 1 rooftop unit installed at Rose Tree ES
  • Complete HVAC renovation done at the Education Center
  • Cooling added to the 3rd floor classrooms at Media ES, 8 ceiling-mounted fans coil units replaced
  • Building automation upgrades done at all district facilities
  • LED fixtures used to place all exterior lighting at all district facilities
  • Interior lighting upgraded at all district facilities

The scope for Phase 2 included:

  • The existing gas main was not adequate to supply a proposed natural has (CNG) fueling facility, PECO Energy was contracted to install a new main to the bus garage fueling facility
  • 2 new natural gas compressor modules installed with capacity to produce equivalent of 95,000 diesel gallons per year, which would support fueling for a fleet of 45 buses
  • 14 diesel powered buses replaced with new CNG buses, with cost from buses offset by savings generated
  • 11 diesel powered engines in buses replaced with new CNG engines